2012.01.05 -- SNOWSHOE EVENT

Somebody has scheduled a bunch of evening snowshoe events in the Mercer area.  The first of this winter will be held at the MECCA trails on January 5th.  Meet at the Little Turtle Flowage Trailhead at 6pm.  The hikes take one to one-and-a-half hours and all levels of experience are welcome.  Temperatures are predicted to be in the 20s, so dress in layers.  You might also want to bring a headlamp or flashlight, though the moon should be pretty bright if it's not too cloudy.

Afterwards, the Sponsor will host the group at their establishment with free snacks and not-free drinks and dinners.  This event is being sponsored by the Cranberry Inn.  It is at the corner of 51 and FF, and nearly all of the participants will be driving past it to get to the trailhead.  They have done a beautiful job remodeling the building, and serve great dinners.

If you miss this one, don't worry...  There are more scheduled nearly every week of January and February.  The plan is to come back to the MECCA trails on February 9th.