The trails and chalet remain open as long as the base holds up with this warming trend and forecasted rain. Trail is firm and may be icy in areas of shade. Enjoy the spring conditions while they last, and thank you all who came and enjoyed our trails over the season, Please put us on your list for the future.

2017.02.25 THIN BASE

Trail was completely groomed today after about 4" of new snow over the wet base that we had in places. The deck is a little soft but should firm a little over night. Track set well were there was some base, but in areas were there was no base it is very thin. Basically the conditions are the same as in the fall. Skiing should be fair to good over most of the trail. With more snow we will be out again.

2017.02.20 STILL OPEN

Our trail are remaining open in anticipation of a snowfall on Friday. As can be expected the conditions are not ideal, but they are skiable. Look out for ice in the mornings and on the down hills. As always we will get out and groom when the conditions warrant. The chalet will continue to be opened daily until we decide to close the trail to skiing for the season. Thanks for your understanding.


Trail was groomed Wednesday in preparation for the warm spell that is coming. The base is in great shape but the warm weather will make it deteriorate fast if it doesn't freeze during the night. Watch for ice forming as freeze thaw cycles happen. We will not be able to groom again until we have cold temps to dry out the snow. I guess you just to have think spring.

2017.02.10 WINTER WARM UP

The trail was groomed Thursday night in preparation for the warmup starting today. Should be great skiing until the temps get into the high 30's, and then just get earlier in the morning after it sets up overnight. Watch for ice in the mornings. Come enjoy beautiful spring conditions.


2017.02.08 FRESH SNOW!!

Trail completely groomed on Tuesday after the great snowfall. Deck is a little soft but will firm up better when we can get out on it again. It was still snowing as it was groomed so there is fresh snow in the track, but still very skiable. Beautiful winter conditions.


Grooming by the Little Turtle Flowage this afternoon to get the trail in excellent condition for everyone for the weekend. Skater told me the deck was great, and it looked like the tracks were going to set up firm. Don't miss this weekend, there aren't that many left.

2017.02.01 GREAT SKIING

Thank you Mother Nature for the few inches of snow since the weekend. We were out and groomed the whole trail system on Tuesday night and it will be excellent skiing for the rest of the week. With these temps and the new snow its time to call a friend and get outdoors to enjoy.


Grooming after the big thaw. Was amazed at how well the trail groomed up. The Skate deck is firm and has good bite. A few skiers I ran into said it was perfect. Classical track is deep and should firm up very nice this evening. Come out and enjoy some excellent skiing this weekend. The only thing lacking will be a crowd.  See everyone at the Candlight!


Everyone who is out there watching the weather over the last couple weeks has to be wondering where in the world the Winter went. Well we still are planning to celebrate with our annual Candlight Ski on Saturday so come on out and join us for the evening. With the colder temps coming toward the end of the week we will have a good trail for everyone to enjoy and you shouldn't have to bundle up to much to participate. Remember Saturday the 28th at 6:00PM-9:00PM, at the chalet Trailhead across from Dollar General. Bring your friends and an appetite.

2017.01.18 JANUARY THAW

Do to warming temps we can't get out on the trail to groom. As temperatures drop toward evening there is the possibility of ice forming on the trail so take precautions. Hopefully we will get through this warm spell with good base and will groom as soon as conditions allow.

2017.01.13 MLK Weekend

Conditions couldn't be better after grooming today, with a firm skating deck and nice deep tracks for the classical skier. Its going to be a great weekend to get out in the fresh air, when the temp moderate. Remember you can always change and warm up in the cabin along with enjoying a hot drink.

Little Turtle TrailheadStart of the Snowshoe Trail

2017.01.11 WOOP-EEE

Trails have been groomed this morning after the snow events of the last few days. We went over the trail twice to firm it up, so it should be in excellent condition. With the continuing snowfall we will attempt to regroom at the end of this beautiful snow we are finally getting. Snowshoe trail will be packed as soon as we get caught up on the ski trail, but feel free to go out and pack it down for us. Hope to see you on the trail.


Trail has been groomed on Tuesday with track set and skate surface combed. Base and track will be firm with the cold weather. Bundle up and get out to get some exercise and look at our beautiful northwoods. Look for numerous grouse tracks on the Otter run, and bobcat tracks on the snowshoe trail.

2016.12.31 Happy New Year

All trails were groomed today with good coverage everywhere. Time to get out the good skis and enjoy over the Holiday. Things should firm up overnight so conditions should be excellent New Years day. Snowshoe trail is packed and cleared.

2016.12.27 GROOMING

Trail was completely groomed this afternoon. There is good base but the trail was very icy and we attempted to grind that up and put it back down. It is better than it was but has a lot of storm litter on it. Everyone pray for snow, and be careful on the hills.

2016.12.17 WE'RE OPEN

Out today and groomed the complete trail system, both tracked and combed. Was able to level the surface and it should set up good with the cold temps coming. Remember this is early season skiing and we only have 1"-2" of base over the vegetation that was mowed at about 3 1/2". Watch out for a little grass in the track. Chalet is open for the season daily from here on out, at 8:00AM until 6:00PM. We were also out on the snowshoe trail getting it ready, so get out and enjoy our great North Woods. See you out there on the trail!