Here is the schedule for the Tuesday Night Ski...

  • January 20th -- MECCA
  • January 27th -- Wolverine
  • February 3rd -- MECCA
  • February 10th -- WinMan
  • February 17th -- Wolverine
  • February 24th -- MECCA
  • March 3rd -- Wolverine
  • March 10th -- MECCA
  • March 17th -- WinMan
  • March 24th -- Wolverine
  • March 31st -- MECCA

The Wolverine Ski Trails are located in Ironwood (MAP).  Take US2 east out of the city.  Turn north at the Walmart stoplight.  Drive north on Section 12 Road for about one-and-a-half miles to Sunset Rd.  There should be a blue skier sign on a pine tree at the corner.  Turn west on to Sunset.  The parking lot is about half-a-mile.

The WinMan Ski Trails are located on County Highway W betwixt Winchester (the "Win" part) and Manitowish Waters (the "Man" part) (PDF MAP).  The trailhead is pretty much at the County Highway J intersection, which is a good way to come from Mercer.

Everybody is welcome to come, no matter what your skill level or style of skiing.  The group starts skiing at about 6pm, so show up early enough to get ready.  Be sure to bring a headlamp if you have one!  The skiing usually goes until 7-7:30pm.  Afterwards, the group goes out to a local establishment for dinner.

The group does not ski if the temperature is below 0°F at 6pm.  Otherwise, come and have fun!