The annual Candlelight Ski is held the last Saturday in January, from 6pm to 9pm.  It will be at the Cabin Trailhead, loop around the Warm-Up Trail, the Cabin Trail, part of the Wolf Loop through the field.  Participants either ski or snowshoe.  There will be a fire at the Cabin for warmth, along with hot chocolate or cider, cookies, and other goodies.  There might even be brats.  A great time is usually had by all.


The Stormy Kromer / Iron County Pursuit was a two-day ski race held in early January.  The first day was held in Montreal, in north Iron County.  It was the Classic leg of the race.  The second day was held on the MECCA trails, and was the Freestyle leg of the race.  The race began in 2004 and was held annually for eight years.


MECCA and WinMan will be holding the Turtle River Pursuit on February 9th and 10th.  The first day will be the 11Km Classic Stage at MECCA.  The second day will be the 11Km Freestyle Stage at WinMan.  Individuals and two-person teams compete for the best combined times.  We hope you can race or volunteer to help!

2019.01.29 -- CANDLELIGHT SKI / SHOE

The Umpty-Third Annual MECCA Candlelight Ski and Snowshoe is scheduled for January 29th.  There will be a mile-long loop of trail lit with candle luminaries that you can ski or snowshoe, a bonfire to warm up at, and hot chocolate and treats.  Grab your family and a couple friends!

2018.10.13 -- WORK BEE

There will be a Work Bee on October 13th from 9am to 2pm.  Work will include trail brushing and widening, cutting firewood, and general making the cabin ready for the season.  Bring a lunch and whatever clippers you might have.